In this section our laboratory provides you with important information in aim to answer possible questions that you may have.That may be instructions and preparation guidelines before visiting the lab.Perhaps you may have questions on what Laboratory equipment we use for the analysis we conduct.Or what type of partnerships we maintain.Below are a few words for each category.


The Laboratory Equipment is the heart of the lab. Our Laboratory Equipment decisions are always made with customer value and best results in mind. The Laboratory Instruments our lab obtains are always carefully selected and purchased by the top suppliers in Europe.

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The instructions guidelines are very simple and easy to follow as long as they are carefully read.Before arriving at the imaging facility, be sure to carefully follow the Patient Preparation Instructions. Once at the lab, you will be asked to complete the necessary paperwork to begin the procedure. Be sure to bring your insurance-medical cards with you to ensure accurate billing. It may also be helpful to bring a list of any medications you are currently taking. Once the analysis is complete, you will be able to leave the lab. Make sure you drink plenty of water or other fluids throughout the day.

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SAMPLING – Blood collection and preparation for analysis for the patients

Here are the general guidelines for the preparation for analysis for the  patient prior to sampling.Guidelines may vary according to instructions given by the doctor,and the type of investigation analysis required.

  • When you attend the laboratory, we will request your personal information which we always keep confidential.
  • Indicate if you suffer from any disease.

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Our laboratory has existing partnerships with certain Insurance-Funds.Insurance Companies and Medical Funds of private and semi- government ranking as are most in Cyprus.

The purpose of these partnerships  is to provide our services to individuals.
The partnerships with Medical funds include ETYK, (Bank Employee’s Association Medical Fund). And Medical Funds of the semi-government corporations and organizations such as, CYTA (Cyprus Telecommunications Authority), and EAC (Electricity Authority of Cyprus) .Insurance-Funds have strengthened and matured over the years.Leading the majority of the Cypriot population to belong to one of these Insurance-Funds.

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