The following instructions for the patient will be found very useful.The instructions guidelines are very simple and easy to follow as long as they are carefully read.Before arriving at the imaging facility, be sure to carefully follow the Patient Preparation Instructions. Once at the lab, you will be asked to complete the necessary paperwork to begin the procedure. Be sure to bring your insurance-medical cards with you to ensure accurate billing. It may also be helpful to bring a list of any medications you are currently taking. Once the analysis is complete, you will be able to leave the lab. Make sure you drink plenty of water or other fluids throughout the day.


  • Contact the Laboratory at least one day prior to blood sampling in order to transfer the doctor’s requirements for conducting the analysis that interest you.


  • For most routine analysis (checkup) it is recommended to follow an overnight fasting 8 to 12 hours and go to the laboratory, preferably in the morning.


  • The consumption of water is recommended and will not affect your analysis.


  • If you receive specific instructions from your doctor, follow them.


  • The compliance of the above fasting is necessary if you request analysis of levels:
  1. Glucose
  2. Lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides)
  3. Metabolism (insulin, insulin resistance)

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