Our laboratory has existing partnerships with certain Insurance-Funds.Insurance Companies and Medical Funds of private and semi- government ranking as are most in Cyprus.

The purpose of these partnerships  is to provide our services to individuals.
The partnerships with Medical funds include ETYK, (Bank Employee’s Association Medical Fund). And Medical Funds of the semi-government corporations and organizations such as, CYTA (Cyprus Telecommunications Authority), and EAC (Electricity Authority of Cyprus) .Insurance-Funds have strengthened and matured over the years.Leading the majority of the Cypriot population to belong to one of these Insurance-Funds.

The reason?

The Insurance-Funds acquire Actuarial expertise, and the knowledge required to offer the best suitable benefits to clients with cost effective solutions.

The Lab is in partnership with insurance companies such as,Universal LifeAlico and Eurolife.Ethinki AsfalistikhCosmos InsurancePrime Insurance, and CNP Cyprialife are also partnered with our lab

Our laboratory Provides Special discounted rates to members of Αssociations such as, the Heart AssociationRheumatic Diseases AssociationDiabetic Association, and the Family Planning Association .

We are proud to say that we maintain partnerships with the leading Insurance Companies and Medical Funds in Cyprus.Equality and Confidentiality are of course followed by the laboratory for the members.