SAMPLING – Blood collection and preparation for analysis for the patients

Here are the general guidelines for the preparation for analysis for the  patient prior to sampling.Guidelines may vary according to instructions given by the doctor,and the type of investigation analysis required.

  • When you attend the laboratory, we will request your personal information which we always keep confidential.
  • Indicate if you suffer from any disease.


    The patient must fast a few hours before taking the blood sample. Prior to withdrawing blood the patient must not be physical drained.

    Preparation for analysis :

  • Infusion time: this is recommended in the morning (7:30-9 AM).
  • The sample is collected by our qualified personnel and taken into special vials.
  • It is always advised to arrive for blood collection after an overnight fasting (10-12 hours).
  • The consumption of water is recommended and does not affect the analysis.
  • Samples for determining levels of drugs in the blood should be taken just before the morning dose of the drug.
  • For infants and young children, our lab has the appropriate cartridges and blood collection vials.
  • If you have been given specific instructions by your doctor, you have to follow them.
  • If you have any doubt before blood collection please feel free to seek our advice.


    The laboratory provides external blood sampling at residence or at your workplace, always by appointments.


 All samples must be collected in clean, sterile and close-able containers. You can buy them at the laboratory, or any pharmacy.

Preparation for analysis:

 Urine flow medium

 Preferably sample to be in the morning.

 For taking the sample shall follow the following preparation procedures:

  • The patient must wash hands with soap and wipes.
  • The genitals area must be cleaned with a sterile swab moistened with water.
  • The first outgoing urine must be rejected.
  • Then, without stopping the flow of urine , place the container and collect urine.
  • Close the container well with cap.
  • Indicate on the label the name, date and time the sample is taken.

Total 24 hour urine

Microalbumin, creatinine, electrolytes, cortisol, calcium, mandelic acid (VMA) etc.

  •   Collection time: Usually, beginning at 8:00 a.m. the first day and ending at 8:00 a.m. the next day.
  • The first morning urine is to be discharged.
  • The urine taken throughout the day and night plus the early morning of the next day should be placed in a special container that you got from the laboratory.
  •  During urine collection, the container should be kept in a cool place and after completing the process to be delivered to the laboratory.



 Cerebrospinal fluid:

To be obtained only by a specialist


Preferably the morning sample. The sample is to be expelled by coughing into a sterile container.


Take a sterile container and at random take a hazelnut sized sample. In special cases, with instructions from the doctor, samples may be taken for three consecutive days.