Welcome to the official website of “DNA Biomedical Science Lab®”.We are a Biomedical  Laboratory based in Nicosia Cyprus.Below you will find our company profile in a brief summary.


We strive to inform you about the many services offered by our lab. As well as the provision of the essential information surrounding these services for you to gain a better understanding.

Our Lab is registered in accordance with Law 132/88 and is authorized in the 4 areas of:


  • Ηematology
  • Βiochemistry
  • Ιmmunology
  • Μicrobiology

Furthermore, we are active in the fields of Molecular Genetics and Forensic Hemogenetics, and perform various specialized analysis at the levels of  DNA.


The Lab was established in 1999 and since then implements the Quality Assurance Program.

In 2010 we decided to take our laboratory facilities to the next level.We have our own modern facilities at which we operate at.

Moreover,advanced and state of the art laboratory equipment is used to perform efficiently.

Most importantly, the lab is acquired with an experienced and academically trained workforce.

With continuous training ,we acquire the expertise and knowledge to facilitate and execute a wide range of laboratory tests and examinations.


Here at the lab we find customer service very important.We are proud to say that, over the years we have built strong long term relationships with our customers.All information is kept strictly confidential.

In addition, please do not hesitate to contact us with any suggestions and recommendations and feedback you may have.

We are always available to assist our customers with any information they may need.

It must be noted that the lab can also be contacted in any case of emergencies.

Our motto is ”Be Happy Be Healthy”





Best Regards,

Christos Diogenous

B.Sc., M.Sc. Biochemistry,

M.Sc. Molecular Genetics- Hemogenetics

Forensic Scientist

Europ. Specialist in Clin. Chemistry and Lab. Medicine