Below are a few words on how C.D. DNA Biomedical Science Laboratory has achieved the Quality/Accreditation of the laboratory.

The policy of the laboratory is to provide reliable and valid results.The reason for this is the prevention and early diagnosis as well as  the monitoring of treatment.Here at the lab we provide consultation in the field of forensic genetics.We also participate in research programs in these fields.

How this policy is achieved :

  • We implement the Quality Assurance Program.This confirms the quality policy that is followed systematically, which led to the labs accreditation by the national accreditation system of Greece (ESYD) ISO EN 15189:2012
  • The laboratory is commited to implement and carry out the analyzes/ examinations in every field of work.
  • The code of conduct and ethics are adopted and fully implemented  by all of the lab personnel.
  • The laboratory keeps all client information fully confidential.
  • The continuous improvement of the quality system is regularly taken by the laboratory. For this to occur, complaints and non-compliance with the quality system and all necessary precautions are taken for all corrective actions.
  • In accordance with the general requirements of ISO,Quality Indicators for monitoring and improving the quality of the system are established.